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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Top Cans Card Game


32 playing cards
2-6 possible players
9.5 x 6.5 x 2 cm 
Publisher: Red Tower Publishing

The New York graffiti writers of the 1970s and 1980s used poorly covering and often highly toxic lead-containing spraycans. Shortly after, European teenagers began spray-painting walls and trains. If one wanted to spray graffiti in the 1980s, they had to go to hardware market stores and hobby shops to purchase (or steal) the often pricey spraypaints. Hobby spray cans like Marabu, belton RAL, Quick, and automotive paints like Eisodur or Auto- K were particularly popular in the graffiti scene. By the mid-1990s, the first Spanish and German spraycan manufacturers started catering to the rapidly growing subculture, developing formulations that met the demands of graffiti writers. Pigmentation, coverage, drying times and valve systems with compatible caps for thin or thick line widths were completely overhauled. The introduction of graffiti spraycans such as the MTN Hardcore or belton MOLOTOW Premium revolutionized the methodology, look, and aesthetics of graffiti. Almost 30 years later, a diverse market has emerged, giving rise to countless brands.

We have tested old and new spraycans from around the world in different categories to produce this 32 playing card game. Whether it‘s old industry spraycans still available today like KRYLON, QUICK, HIT COLOR, and AUTO-K, or graffiti spraycans like MTN, MOLOTOW, MONTANA, LOOP, KOBRA, they all have their place in the ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE TOPCANS 2023 card game.

Short Facts The TOPCANS Card Game is the creative adaptation of a traditional quartet in the world of graffiti spraypaints. Competition in 6 categories: First appearance; Duration of Drying Time; Odor and Smell; Noise; Coverage; and the color range. All facts from the Quartet were extensively researched and evaluated All game cards feature historical facts, spray experience and evaluations. 32 cards plus cover card 2-6 possible players compiled by the team behind ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE

Game Rules 1. Shuffle and deal the cards to the player/s 2. The player to your left starts the first round 3. The player whose turn it is, chooses a value from their current topcard. 4. The player who wins by value, get the other player‘s card. 5. Before a round starts, it is determined whether the higher or lower value wins in a specific category.

For example, in the Range category, the higher number wins. 6. A player loose, when no more cards in hand Values Color Range: /+ the highest wins (colors) Noise: /- the lowest wins (dB) Odor: /- the highest wins (1 low / 2 medium / 3 bad / 4 stinky) Coverage: /+ the highest wins (1 bad / 2 medium / 3 good / 4 great) Drying Time: /- the lowest wins (sec) Criterias & Explanation of Testing Method By implementing these testing methods, we make sure and guarantee an exciting fair gameplay experience for all participants.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability we employed the following testing methods: 1. Color Range: In reference to the brand´s color charts 2. Noise: We used a „Banana Skinny“ and positioned a microphone 1 meter away from us as sound source to measure the decibel levels accurately. T 3. Odor/Smell: We simply used numerous human noses as a sensory tool to identify the odor and smell value. In addition to this we’ve collected experience feedback by 30 graffiti artists. 4. Drying Time: We did touch-dry tests with all sprays, indoors at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, atmospheric pressure of 1.008hPa, and 70% humidity. We monitored and recorded the time it took the paint become touch-dry.