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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.



64 pages
Edited by SU!C!D3
24 x 16.8 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Artillery

Are you afraid? Afraid to let yourself truly live? Going through life with your untapped potential trapped in a dead body. It breathes, it moves, but is it truly ALIVE?

Every human carcass contains a unique spark, a deep desire to bless this world with their gifts.

The system programs us to punch a clock, obey orders, show up on time, smile for the fucking photo. Robots made of flesh moving one more box down the assembly line. We all know we are made for more.

Are you brave enough to descend into the deep dark depths of your own soul? Climbing down a ladder into your unknown consciousness. Ready for battle. Slaying your own demons, to paint the essence of your Being onto the moving metal walls of the obstacles in your path. To write your legacy. To express, I was here.


Or are you afraid?

Let yourself live.