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Urban Creativity Scientific Journal #4 : Changing times: Tactics

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143 pages
Edited by Pedro Soares Neves
25.2 x 20.5 cm 
Language: English
Publisher: Urban Creativity

“Changing times: Tactics” gathers contributes about the Displacement of the Street Art Aesthetic (OSGEMEOS in the white cube), looking at a City-wide Art Gallery or The Pixed City the Body-Landscape, Aesthetics of Change with Multiculturalism. Also Sustainable Graffiti Management Solutions for Public Areas and street art and Copyright hard areas of approach. And more soft approaches (based on human sciences) on and Against Street Signs: On Art Made out of Street Signs, Work and play, in Line or within Graffiti-Writing traditions and Street Art innovations. Visioning with the posturban paradigm and where street art and graffiti are not (going to be), the evolution of Halls of Fame, and as a statement: No Tags. No Masterpieces, but also the duality of Image versus writing: from post- graffiti and murals’ assault to gra ti’s scriptural riposte. Also Gra ti as a catalyst of individual creativity and more broad contents about Documenting graffiti culture. All brave Paths also documenting Graffiti on trains, photography and Subterráneos.