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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Urban Discipline 2001: Graffiti-Art

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120 pages
Edited by Mirko Reisser, Gerrit Peters and Heiko Zahlmann
15 x 27.5 cm 
Language: English, German
Publisher: getting-up

Catalog of Urban Discipline, the exhibition held in in Hamburg, Germany between June 12 and 18, 2001.

The catalog contains photos of their work (canvases, sculptures, installations, wall paintings) and biographies by these  artists: OS Gemeos (Sao Paulo/ Brasil), SUB (New York, USA), Martha Cooper (New York), Dare, Mate, Toast (Switzerland), Diskom, Keramik (Vienna/ Austria), Lazoo (Paris, France). And from Germany:  Loomit, Won (Munich), ECB (Landau), Peter Michalski (Dortmund), Besok (Augsburg), Seak (Cologne), Stuka (Braunschweig), Codeak (Hildesheim), Tasek, Daddy Cool, Daim, Stohead (Hamburg).