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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Valerio Polici - Ergo Sum


36 pages
Text(s) by Valerio Polici
42.5 x 30.5 cm
Language: English
Unbound softcover, held by an elastic strap
Publisher: Dienacht Publishing
Edition of 500 copies

"The graffiti subculture offers redemption from anonymity and an escape into a ­parallel ­dimension where there is a sense of finally being special. Incursions, climbing, darkness, ­adrenaline. Writers transform into modern knights, errant, condemned to eternal wander.

For six years, I’ve travelled from Europe till Argentina, following several groups of ­graffiti writers in their mental odyssey between the intestinal spaces of the metropolis. They are searching for an adventure that will never come, because all of the possible scenarios are already drawn. That’s the waltz of the existential, clandestine state of being."– Valerio Polici 

"A vertiginous rush of adrenalin, thrill and constructed chaos."– Kathrine Oktober Matthews, GUP Magazine

"Very artful series. Reminds 'The Warriors' movie from the 70's."– Leah Latella, Newsweek Magazine

"Incredible stories of a life lived on the edge."– Gemma Padley, Huck Magazine