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Xavier Tapies - Where's Banksy ?

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224 pages
Text(s) by Xavier Tapies
26 x 21.5 x 2.5 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Graffito

A stunning, 224-page hardback of Banksy’s most significant street art works, this is the only survey out there that looks at his art career, from his early works from 2002, to his New York residency of 2013, to his recent, (and still brilliant) creations of 2016 - including Cosette, Son of A Syrian Refugee (Steve Jobs), Kitten and Girl With a Burning Tyre (Bridge Farm Primary School).

The unauthorised analysis and selection is by street art specialist, Xavier Tapies. A full spread is devoted to great photographs of each work and a detailed analysis and interpretation of the often intriguing background to each piece. Arranged chronologically, every period has a double-spread world map showing where each of the stencils was painted, what happened to the work (destroyed/ sold/ auctioned/ still there) as well as a summary of the direction Banksy’s art took in that period.

For the Banksy enthusiast this is a visual and information feast. For anyone new to the artist, it’s the best detailed introduction out there. Printed on 157gsm paper and with a stunningly designed, real linen cover, this book will set the standard for all future books on the world’s most brilliant and influential street artist.