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Xplicit Grafx vol. 3 #7

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140 pages
29.5 x 21 cm 
Language: French, English 
March 2008

A copy of the issue 7 vol. 3 of Xplicit Grafx

In 1992, the first issue of Xplicit Grafx was published, then a simple fanzine, but the starting point of a long and eventful adventure.

In this issue, a big file on Naples with the participation of the crews DIAS and HDUE and an unpublished insight on the graffiti of the Neapolitan hooligans. Also in the summary, many French productions on the subways of Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the TER and Parisian trains, a focus on ROCKI TSK from Barcelona, and cherry on the cake an interview with TAYLOR from France.