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Christophe Boushaba│Rétroactif

40 pages
Text(s) by Christophe Boushaba
16.0 x 30.0 x 1.0 cm
Language: French
Publisher: Edition Populaire 

The first book from L'édition populaire realized by a fifteen artists pool... Rétroactif urban graffiks is a combination of different colors, illustrations, characters and much more. More than a way of life, this book is an audacious mix of graphic design and graffiti. Just a sample of the urban graphic scene and of its actors, simply in its whole forms. The books comes with works by Dran, Posh, Souk, Metan, Jeff, Tayone, Gzeley, Wise, Reso, Hex, Le Vaudou, Hept, Miss Van, Alexone, Kensa, Etoil.