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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Zia Krohn & Joyce Lagerweij│Concrete Messages

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128 pages
Text(s) by Zia Krohn and Joyce Lagerweij
17.8 x 25.4 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Dokument Press

Street art and politics meet on the separation barrier between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.
The walled part of the barrier is full of scribbling, paintings, stencils, graffiti and posters. Banksy was the first, but far from the only, international street artist to work on the separation barrier. Concrete Messages makes their pieces and powerful messages available to a wide audience. 
By combining pictures with interviews, Concrete Messages shows more of well-known local and international street artists than just their work. It gets behind the reasons why they become street artists, their views on the role of street art in society, and their motivations for doing a piece on the separation barrier.
Banksy, Blu, Ericailcane, Faile, JR, Know Hope, Paul Insect, Ron English, Sam3 and Swoon are some of the artists featured in Concrete Messages.