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Where'd You Get Those? New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987

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280 pages
Text(s) by Bobbito Garcia 
26 x 21 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Testify Books
10th Anniversary Edition

The mother of all sneaker books is finally back in print, in an expanded edition. Upon its initial publication in 2003, "Where'd You Get Those?" was hailed by "Vanity Fair" as "The perfect primer on the sole of pop culture a much needed compendium." "The New Yorker" raved that "Garcia's book is an anthropological trove," while the "New York Post" noted that ""Where'd You Get Those?" is a must." "Vogue" gushed: "Garcia chronicles the gym shoe's rise to cultural prominence with obsessive detail "Where'd You Get Those?" is a welcome addition to New York cultural history." "Paper" magazine called it "The definitive book on the rise of sneaker fanaticism," and "Time Out New York" hailed it as "a rhapsodic, comprehensive chronicle." Documenting more than 400 pairs of sneakers in a highly illustrated, chronological format, "Where'd You Get Those?" is simply a stone cold classic. Sneakers are fetishized by consumers worldwide, and dozens of subsequent sneakers books have come and gone, but none have come close to attracting the readership and unfettered adulation that this book has enjoyed. (Carnegie Mellon University even offers a class, Sneakerology 101, that uses "Where'd You Get Those?" as its main textbook.) Updates to the new edition include new sneakers inaugurated into the canon, as well as a new foreword, introduction and afterword.