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Gossenpost #3 Tags & T-Ups

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100 pages
21 x 29.8 cm 
Language: English
Publisher: Gossenpost
October 2018

One year after the release of the "Marker Issue" the guys behind Gossenpost did add another issue to their series: “Tags & T-Ups”. The third number, which is limited to 300 copies, keeps the focus on the Main capital Frankfurt. As the title reveals throw-ups and spraycan tags make up the whole content of No.3.

JESS89, TFOG, CPUK, BORNE and ZORIN are a few examples of the ten local hero specials you can find inside this years issue, while more than the half of the mags content consists of the throw-up chapter.

Just like in the previous Gossenpost versions the team managed to combine a large variety of namewriting traces artists did leave in Frankfurt on 100 pages. Besides the usual suspects like LLOYD, ISAAC, ROAM, etc. there is a big amount of tourist tags. OFF, 46, SNOOZE, SPAIR, OTZE, TERZ, ROY, HYDRO, OROZ, CRUSO, NFK just to name a few Berlin related tags.

Once again the arrangement of photographs and the conceptual pages (oldschool tags, blue tags, red outlined throw-ups, etc.) are the highlights of the magazine and do not leave you bored while checking out the 1400 shots.