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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Graffiti Art Magazine #75

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98 pages
29 x 22 cm 
Language: English, French
Publisher: Graffiti Art Magazine
March-April 2024

Street Art is gradually adopting and adapting to new technologies. Drones, NFTs, and augmented reality have transformed it, creating new modes and fields of expression. Today, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opening new avenues to explore… But before AI does it all, we will continue to need the creativity and genius of street artists to create murals, paintings and, more generally, works we love.

This issue will take a look at the wide range of Street Art showcased at Penge, London’s best kept secret of must-see Street Art spots, or at Boulogne-sur-Mer, where world-renowned street artists are invited to express themselves.
The cover of this issue features the portrait of Nina Simone painted during the Colors Festival Paris by Jo Di Bona, an artist who turned pop-graffiti into an influential and timeless artistic movement. Millo’s work follows in his footsteps, looking to influence and shake things up via his whimsical, poetic worlds conveying a message of freedom; while Mahn Kloix tells stories of lives hurt by human cruelty. As for Lek and Olivia de Bona: the former’s aesthetic draws on architecture and musical scores, while the latter lures us into her sensual universe.