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JR - Giants


176 pages
Text(s) by 
Photos by JR
35 x 23 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Actes Sud

In Rio, in 2008, in the Morro da Providencia favela, JR produced one of his largest collages, as part of the "Women are heroes" project. A year later, he returned for a show at the Casa França Brasil and an installation on the Lapa arches. In 2016, for the Rio Olympic Games, the artist plunged into a new and monumental visual experiment that would give rise to the "Giants" athletes perched on scaffolding expressing the beauty of sporting gestures, which JR now regards as his "craziest" work. It was also during the Olympics that JR produced his action, "Inside out", hundreds of portraits pasted onto walls around the city celebrating humanity. This book traces ten years of JR's actions in Brazil, a decade as prolific as it was spectacular, and which is continuing today with the "Casa amarela", a cultural centre for children set up at the top of the Morrow da Providencia.