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Lo-Life: The Autobiography of Rack-Lo

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320 pages
Edited by Rack-Lo, aka George Billips
27.3 x 20.9 cm
Language : English
Publisher : Powerhouse Books

Lo-Life tells the remarkable true story of the Lo Lifes’ OG founder, Rack-Lo, aka George Billips, who, at a young age, simultaneously formed an infamous Brooklyn street crew and introduced high fashion to street life. Now a veteran of a near-fatal gangster lifestyle, his story transformed into one of self-determination, culminating in a career as a successful fashion entrepreneur.Rack-Lo made some bad choices: he left school, he thieved, he went to jail, he got shot; he had a lust for fast money, materialism, and clothes, and a knack for police run-ins, street confrontations, and skipping out on warrants.

Rack-Lo was deep into street life in the late 1980s, when he united teenage crews from the notorious Brownsville and Crown Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn to found the legendary gang Lo Lifes, who made a name for themselves dressing head to toe in highly coveted Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand clothing—or “Lo.” They acquired this “preppy” fashion by any means necessary: stick-ups, shoplifting, and hustling. What started as an informal gang uniform, organized around clean designs and bright colors, became a devotion to a lifestyle brand, and eventually created an association between street-level crews and the luxury brands that would fundamentally change the pop culture foundation of the fashion industry. Rack-Lo’s personal testimony captures the Lo Life era (1988-2005) like no other.

But Rack-Lo didn’t let the game change him. Instead, he changed the game. He survived gun violence, Riker’s Island, police brutality, street conflicts, a poor educational system, and domestic violence long enough to turn around his life and reinvent himself; Rack-Lo continues to be revered for his distinct fashion style, leadership, ability to mobilize his people and brotherhood to visualize and revolutionize a better society.