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Metro // Star - The Memories that Remain


120 pages
21 x 21 cm
Language: German, English
Publisher: Racoon Books
Edition of 900 copies

METRO, STAR, ACID, NITRO - B.A.D.crew are the names he predominantly used during his artistic zenith between 1997 and 2004. This period is examined in Metro // Star - The Memories that Remain, with an exhibition of his countless, mostly unpublished works on suburban and underground trains. For many writers, the quantity, quality and originality of his pictures during this period made him an idol, role model or at least an inspiration. New standards were also set by the publication of the videos Hardknocks 4 & 5, where the hard core of Berlin's train sprayers came together, with protagonists such as MR.IX, SEKT, RINO, RAGE, AREA, FOUR, RUZD79 and ROGER.

The resulting book focuses on the stylistic developments over the years and is divided into three eras. In five chapters, Metro // Star describes his changing motifs and the further development of his style as well as his personal development in accompanying texts. The result is a comprehensive book that stands out above all due to the many large-scale illustrations, the aesthetically high-quality design and the reproduction of memories of past years of an entire generation of writers.