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Philippe Baudelocque - 25


296 pages
Text(s) by Philippe Baudelocque
Language: French, English
Publisher: Wasted Talent

From June 2009 until December 2013, Philippe Baudelocque produced 25 big wall chalk drawings in a street of Paris and in the same place, 25, rue Pont-aux-choux in Le Marais district.

Philippe Baudelocque’s work thrives on correspondence and resonance. His cosmic animals are never imposing or overbearing, despite their size. Contemplating them triggers reminiscences of disturbing intensity: of a time when the universe was a cosmos. Of a time when wisdom was an imitation of the world. Of a time when imitation was the ultimate virtue, ethical and aesthetic. Of a time when cathedrals and towns sought to reflect the order of the world. Topography is essential to Philippe Baudelocque’s work. His desire to draw works of art on walls, condemning them to gradual disappearance over time or to deliberate destruction, is a fundamental element of his method. It reflects this lost ancient topography that placed human beings at the center of the universe, considering them to be microcosms established within the macrocosm; a time when the ability to reflect the harmony of the world constituted mankind’s main quest.