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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Preparat Magazine

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76 pages
21 x 29.7XX cm
Language: English
Softcover on 100g/250g uncoated paper
Publisher: Preparat Magazine
Edition of 250 copies hand-numbered

Strictrly photos, no bulls*#t! ;) Randomly selected graffiti from a wide range of Norwegian artists.
Productions, weirdos, exotic locations, tracksides and panels. A bit of everything. 

Featured: 1332, Chew, Achoe
Pallete (midside): Keblo, Uhyr
Flipped: Zadig
Destroyed front image: Rabl

Artists: Rabl, Rusa, Zadig, Ide, Deus, Flash, Achoe, Dirty Des, Kern, Chew, Rock, Leche, Uhyr, Fatguy, Ceel, Mars, Imun, Hets, Nams, Ohno, Dure, Hui, Kneck, 1332, Edler, Veps, Tes, Krek, Heyu, Glefs, Drops, Tiger, Yoes/Uqa, Keblo, Asshole, Cesta, Res, Juan, Aqma, Niks, Meter, Krims, Arkiv, Secur, Stay, Night, Dao, Skes, Duce, Sgee, Ironic, Atk, All.