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Ultras: a Way of Life. The Fight for the Soul of Modern Football

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224 pages
Text(s) by Patrick Potter
24.8 x 20.3 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture

For the first time ever, an incredible visual archive of Ultras worldwide is curated in this book. Beneath the surface of modern life, the ancient urge for fanatacism and tribal warfare lives on. Their exploits are legendary, their tales are tall, hated and feared by millions, yet idolised by a hardcore minority. In a world in which we are told place no longer means anything - loyalty to a team, loyalty to an area, loyalty to a social class, are all out of time. And yet here they are, continuing to exist in this highly structured and obsessive world. From its roots in the South America in the 50s, the worldwide scene is explored from Turkey to Russia, Asia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France, Europe and its emergence and appropriation in North America. Whether you are disgusted or fascinated - this is human behaviour. For some, this has always been and will always be, a way of life.